Unlock greater value from your PMIS investment

Alton Square offers start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and development services to help you get the most from your project management software investment.

Why the Alton Square consulting team?
Our team consists of experts in PMIS solutions, and helping clients extract the most value from their project management information systems is all we do. Whether it is refining processes, smartening up best practices, or making reports and dashboards shine, we can help. The Alton Square team also creates dynamic learning management systems, helping to ensure that teams are not only trained but also have a level of competency in the PMIS—with quantifiable results.

Key Benefits
Expertise in PMIS solutions and systems
Consulting tailored to specific organizational need
Annual maintenance and support plans available

Typical Engagements

  • Advisory Services
  • PMIS selection
    Improving or establishing best practices
    Pre-implementation discovery

  • Development
  • Custom reports
    Executive and team-centric dashboards
    Learning Management Systems

  • Implementation
  • Accounting system and software integration
    Post-implementation training and follow-up

  • Customer Success
  • New employee onboarding
    Ongoing training and support